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The House of Germany is a cultural organization whose purpose is to inform the general public about the music, traditions, history, and the culture of Germany. While most people join because either they, their spouse or their ancestors were born in Germany, membership application is open to any person who wishes to learn German or learn about Germany or the German culture.

House of Germany Cottage, Balboa Park, San Diego

Kinderwerkstatt (Kinder Workshop) Children's and Teens' German Language Immersion Program

Kinderwerkstatt (Kinder Workshop) Children's and Teens' German Language Immersion Program

House of Germany Choir

House of Germany Choir

Located in beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, California, the House of Germany is one of the International Cottages organized within the House of Pacific Relations. The goal of the Houses is to further the pursuit of "pacific" or peaceful relations among nations. The House of Germany was founded in 1935 and to this day has a very active membership, long standing traditions and maintains strong ties to Germany.

The Cottage is open to visitors on Sunday afternoons from noon through 4 PM.  Volunteer House of Germany members serve refreshments and visitors are welcome to view the displays of photos, a video presentation, and cultural items.



SPRINGFEST, Our annual spring lunch and choir concert, will be held at noon on Sunday, May 21st at the Handlery Hotel.  See the April/May Newsletter on this website for registration information.  The registration deadline is May 13th. 

House of Germany members and their guests are cordially invited.   

Kinderwerkstatt Childrens' and Teens' German Language Program for 2016/2017

Kinderwerkstatt is open to children and teenagers ages 4-17.  Registration is now open for 2016/2017 classes.  Click here for further information. 

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